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Alley Cat Weed Wipers... Designed For Farmers, By Farmers.

For over 25 years, the Alley Cat Weed Wiper has been used in the U.S. and internationally as a unique tool to kill weeds, even on the windiest days.  As experienced vegetable farmers in South Florida, with a large amount of acreage, we designed and patented the Alley Cat Weed Wiper, a spray-less and drift-free alternative to weed control. It wasn’t long before our weed wipers were in high demand among the local farmers. Soon after, the Alley Cat Weed Wiper became an essential part of weed control throughout the nation’s farming industry.

Alley Cat Weed Wipers are custom made in the U.S. to fit your row middles and special broadcast grove and pasture applications. Our weed wipers are designed to work with your existing herbicide equipment.  Each wiper is equipped with a patented boom design, allowing to calibrate the gallons per minute so that each weed wiper panel gets the desired amount of herbicide required.  Every weed wiper is machine stitched with heavy duty UV resistant thread giving it superior strength and endurance; Alley Cat Weed Wipers are proven to last!  The following is included with each row middle weed wiper:

Herbicide boom
Interchangeable orifices
Flow emitters
PVC drip tubes – ¼ inch
Adjustment spreader rod (please note that broadcast wipers do not include the spreader rod)

No Drift

Alley Cat Weed Wipers produce zero drift. This allows you to kill weeds in the windiest conditions. Never get behind again! 


Alley Cat Weed Wipers are designed to save you money. Low flow technology delivers just the right amount of herbicide to its target.

Custom Made

All Alley Cat Weed Wipers are custom made in the USA.